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Metal Automobile Parts NDT Testing System

The metal automobile parts NDT testing system is designed to detect automobile parts such as bearings, cylinder liners, etc.

1. Detection targets: automobile parts;
2. Detection material: metal;
3. Detection mode: customized according to customer requirements.

The automated flaw detection process of metal automobile parts NDT testing system is: The workpiece passes through feeding device to the detection area, then goes through machine control device specially designed for the workpiece, thus, realizing 100% coverage of the workpiece. After detection, the system will output automatic alarming, mark and sort signal, realizing full automatic flaw detection.
The system can be flexibly customized according to the features of the targets workpiece; The automatic testing system can minimize the error caused by human operation; The system can realize fast detection.
COBE has a domestic leading R&D center and advanced manufacturing center of NDT equipment. We can specially develop flaw detection equipment for various industrial parts such as bearing, cylinder liner, gun-barrel and other parts according to the product size, shape and testing requirements. The systems we developed has the following features: high detection speed, high precision and high reliability.

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