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Ultrasonic Testing Equipment
    1. Portable Ultrasonic Flaw DetectorThe COBE-UTP0201 portable ultrasonic flaw detector is designed to meet the various requirements of customers when performing flaw detection of forgings, welds, steel structures, aircraft parts, and other industrial equipment.
    1. Phased Array Ultrasonic TesterThe PA100 Wiscan phased array ultrasonic tester features highly adaptive capacity so that it can be used to detect complex workpieces such as the blade root of turbine blades.
    1. Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Testing InstrumentThe multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument is widely used for automatic or semi-automatic ultrasonic NDT of titanium pipe, zirconium pipe, seamless steel pipe, welded natural gas pipelines, non-ferrous, ferrous metal and some non-metallic pipe, rods, plates, railway rails etc.

COBE ultrasonic testing equipment is made up of high precision, automated NDT units designed for the testing of titanium, seamless steel, non-ferrous, ferrous metal, and some non-metalic pipes, rods, plates, rails, etc. COBE provides customers with optional testing channels to maximize the effectiveness of our NDT equipment.