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Online Nondestructive Testing System (Eddy Current Testing)

The online nondestructive testing system (eddy current testing) is installed directly in the production lines of factories. It can detect cracks, blowholes, and other defects of the workpiece without affecting the production progress. The system realizes synchronization of production and flaw detection. It can be specifically applied to:
Products of metallurgical plant and machinery factory such as cold drawn seamless pipe, copper pipe for air conditioner, longitudinal welded pipe, titanium tube etc.
Bars such as cold drawn steel rods, precision aluminum rods etc.
Wire rod such as spring steel wire, bearing steel wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire etc.
Profiled bar such as aluminum spacer bar, aluminum flat tube of cars etc.

1. Detection targets: seamless pipe, longitudinal welded pipe, bar, wire rod, profiled bar etc.
2. Detection materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals
3. Detection speed: 0.1-350m/min
4. Detection mode:
1) Through-type: the workpiece go through the eddy current probe
2) Place on-type: the eddy current probe is installed on the surface of the workpiece.

1.The online nondestructive testing system (eddy current testing) consists of five parts: testing device, mechanical device, electric installation, pneumatic actuator and auxiliary accessories.
2. It adopts eddy current testing technology independently developed by COBE. It realizes automatic flaw detection, automatic alarming, marking and signal sorting by using impedance plane analysis, multiple phase amplitude area alarm and other technologies.
3. No reduction in production speed.
4. It can realize precise flaw detection, alarming, locating and marking while maintaining high-speed production at the same time.
5. Eddy current flaw detection uses the principle of electromagnetic testing, a kind of non-contact testing, so that it will do no harm to the appearance and quality attributes of the workpiece.

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