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Gas Cylinder Ultrasonic Testing System

The target workpiece of the gas cylinder ultrasonic testing system is transmitted to the detection area from the feeding device, then it goes through automatic coupling, automatic scanning, automatic alarming, marking and sorting. The detection mode is a spiral scanning process done by the probe and mechanical system. The proper screw pitch ensures that the probe has an effective acoustic beam of which the repeat coverage is more than 15% on the detection site. This can eliminate errors caused by missed detection.

1.Detection target: gas cylinder pipe
2. Detection material: carbon steel
3. Detection speed: 6m/min
4. Detection mode: gantry type: the gas cylinder pipe spinning around while the probe moving around to scan it
5. Detection standard:
GB4730-2005 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment sets
GB/T5777-2012 Seamless steel pipe and tubing. --Methods for ultrasonic testing.
ISO9809-1-2010 Gas cylinders--Refillable seamless steel gas cylinders--Design, construction and testing
GB/T18248 Seamless steel tubes for gas cylinder.

The gas cylinder ultrasonic testing system is specially developed for flaw detection of gas cylinders. It can carry out ultrasonic detection on the straight or the cambered part of gas cylinders. It can also automatically detect internal or external surface defects and internal longitudinal or lateral defects and wall thickness of the gas cylinder.

More Info
1.The machine design of the straight and the cambered part of gas cylinder is adjustable according to customer requirements.
2. It can detect longitudinal or lateral defects of the workpiece.

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