Mini Eddy Current Tester
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The mini eddy current tester was engineered by COBE to locate defects in metal components and generate a thorough report quickly. It is suitable for all eddy current testing applications. In addition to conventional digital single frequency/dual frequency detection, the mini eddy current tester also measures conductivity and thickness. The tester is suitable for inspection use in military, aerospace, metallurgical, and automobile applications.

Applicable targets
The mini eddy current tester is suitable for the following applications:
1. Flaw detection of aircraft parts such as the alloy structure, framework, blades, wheel hub and undercarriage
2. Carrying out crack detection of the inner surfaces of aircraft rivets and screw bolt holes with or without fasteners
3. Testing of multilayered structures, aluminum skin and fuselage-wing joints and some other aircraft parts

Detecting parameters
Independent frequency detection number: 2 single frequency channels (detection frequency: 1)
Frequency range: 50Hz~1MHz, stepping 1Hz
Gain: 0dB~85dB, stepping 0.1dB
Phase: 0~359°, stepping 1Deg
Number of intelligent mixing units: 1
Probe driving voltage: Vpp=1~8V
Probe impedance: 50Ω 100Ω
Gain adjustment of X and Y Y/X=0.1-10
Calibration curve: amplitude, phase, equivalent
Display mode: impedance, time base, Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates
Scanning speed: 1-100grades
Center coordinates: X, Y adjustable.

Digital signal
Digital filtering: high-pass frequency (0Hz ~ 2000Hz), low-pass frequency (0Hz ~ 2000Hz)
Filter points: 0-500
Broadband: 100Hz ~ 10MHz
A/D rate: 12bit 80M
Minimum sensitivity: 1mV
Real time average: 2 4 8 16 32
Auto-balance: digital electronic balance

Appearance and size
Length X width X height: 160mm X 100mm X 60mm
Monitor: resolution 320 X 240 3.5 inches TFT color LCD
Weight: 1.2Kg(including the battery)
Interface: LEMO-6 LEMO-15 DB-25
Lithium battery: 12V 3000mAH
Power source: 110V/60hz 220V/50hz
Working temperature: -20℃~50℃

The mini eddy current tester is also highly effective for thickness measurement as well as high precision conductivity testing.
It has both Chinese and English operation interfaces, making the operation intuitive and simple, so that it can meet customer requirements in different countries.
ETP01 adopts advanced fusion technology of ARM and DSP in order to greatly improve signal processing speed, detection speed and detection precision.

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