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Automatic Nondestructive Roller Testing System (Eddy Current Testing)

The COBE automatic nondestructive roller testing system (eddy current testing) is a professional roller flaw detection system developed by COBE. It is a highly advanced equipment sets that is absolutely vital for the testing process of many industrial projects. The testing sensitivity is relatively high, so this system can easily discover the tiny cracks on the surface of components. The system has a highly stable performance. It can be used in rolling mill and rolling machines.
Detection materials: Cr2, Cr3, Cr5 and some other alloy forged steel, high speed steel and cast steel etc.
Range of diameter: 100~ 2250 mm
Length of working face: 100 ~3250 mm
Roughness of the surface: Ra≤2.6
Range of surface hardness: 60 ~ 98 HSD
Heterogeneity of hardness: ±4HSD.

1.Relative linear velocity: 10~1000 mm/s
2. Roller rotational speed: 5~100 turn/m
3. Mobile scan speed of carriage: 1~1000 mm/m
4. Fraction of detection coverage: >100% active roller surface
5. Detection sensitivity:
a.Crack: length×width×height: 5mm×0.15mm×0.15mm
b.Bruise: detectable when the hardness reduced or increased by 4 HSD and the area is more than 20mm2
c.Remanence: detectable when it is greater than 5 Gauss
6. Working voltage: AC 220±20%V 50Hz
7.Power: 250W.

1.The COBE automatic nondestructive roller testing system (eddy current testing) can detect crack, hardness change and remanence of the roller surface at the same time.
2. There are two detection modes: detecting defects while milling detecting defects after milling.
3. You can choose automatic demagnetization or manual demagnetization according to requirements.
4. The equipment can automatically adapt to different roller rotational speed.
5. It has the function of generating circumferential/axial partition coordinates which makes the location of defects more visualized.
6. The probe has a function of automatic emergency reset. That is, in the event of a fault condition, the probe can be reset to a safe state immediately.
7. You can inquire about and manage the flaw detection history.

More Info
The COBE automatic nondestructive roller testing system (eddy current testing) has a high precision flaw detection equipment which can detect the change of coil impedance through corresponding testing method. The hardness change (bruise) and crack on the roller surface will lead to change of conductivity, thus causing the change of eddy current density. Then the coil impedance will correspondingly change rapidly. And the change will be shown on the monitor.
For this equipment, we reduced the sensitivity of eddy current on the heterogeneity and discontinuity of roller material to meet practical requirements. All the equipment parts can be directly replaced, so the maintenance is quite convenient. The equipment can instruct the operator in precise grinding according to the detection results.

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