COBE Eddy Current Tester
  • Eddy current probe

The ETP0204D COBE eddy current tester is designed to perform the following important testing functions: conventional eddy current testing, magnetic memory testing, conductivity testing, and thickness inspection. The COBE eddy current tester is highly accurate, with a defect detecting range within 0.08 mm. It is capable of identifying flaws in castings, steel components, aircraft parts, etc.

Appearance and size
Length X width X height: 210mm X 60mm X 130mm
Monitor: resolution 640 X 480 5.7 inches TFT color LCD
Weight: 1.5Kg(including the battery)
Interface: LEMO-6
Lithium battery: 12V 3000mAH
Power source: 110V/60hz 220V/50hz
Working temperature: -20℃~50℃

System parameters
Operating system: Linux 2.6
Internal storage: 256M
External SD card: 8G
Encoder: 1024 pulses/turn 0.1mm resolution
Operating language: Chinese, English
LCD luminance: 1-8 levels

Detecting parameters
Number of independent detection frequency: 2 single frequency channels (detection frequency: 1)
Frequency range: 10Hz~10MHz, stepping: 1Hz
Gain: 0dB~99dB, stepping: 0.1dB
Phase: 0~359°, stepping: 1 Deg
Number of intelligent frequency mixing units: 1
Probe drive: Vpp=1~8V
Gain ratio Y/X= 0.1-10
Calibration curve: amplitude, phase, equivalent
Display mode: impedance, time base, Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates
Digital filtering: high pass (0Hz~2000Hz), low-pass (0Hz~2000Hz)
Filter sampling points: 1-1024.

Alarming settings
Type: phase/unequal amplitude, square frame, fan-shaped frame
Amplitude: 10% -120%
Sound: On/Off
Peripheral device: Photoelectric I/O.

Storage of parameters and data:
Storage, deletion, editing of detection parameters: more than 10,000 groups
Storage, playback, analysis, saving of real-time signal
Detection picture: more than 10,000 groups
Save as: SD memorizer.

Auxiliary systems
The system displays the calendar, time and battery capacity on the unit screen.
The operation is simple and convenient with real-time prompts on the screen.
There will be online HOTKEY graphics and text to assist the user.

1. The ETP0204D COBE eddy current tester features an embedded computer system and ultra-large-scale field programmable integrated circuit. It has all the excellent performance of large ultrasonic instruments in a small, portable unit.
2. Flaw detection sensitivity up to 62 dB.
3. The latest color TFT LCD provides a bright, clear screen that is easy to read from.

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