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Handheld Industrial Videoscope

The HIE series handheld industrial videoscope is designed for visual inspection in the following industries:
Auto industry: quality detection and assembly testing of engine, hydraulic parts and nozzles
Machinery industry: detection of boiler, heat exchanger, mechanical equipment and manufacturing equipment
Petrochemical industry: detection of process pipelines, pressure vessels, pipes and other equipment
Space and aircraft industry: regular detection or aircraft detection of turbines, blades, combustors development and manufacturing of rocket engine
Railway and shipbuilding industry: detection of turbines, heaters, diesel engines, boiler flames, pipes.

High definition industrial videoscope:
Weight: 0.9Kg
Optional lens: single, double, infrared, side-view
Pipe diameter: 4mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm.

The HIE series handheld industrial videoscope has the following features:

Excellent image quality
The videoscope features a 5-inch industrial touch screen with 450,000 pixels. Producing a image to make sure that the tiny defects can be detected. It uses a micro CMOS image sensing system, image micro-processing technology to get the most realistic image color rendition. It uses a lens with sapphire package to prevent it from being scratched and to optimize image quality. The illuminating system uses lens with high luminance LED package of which the luminance is up to 20,000 lux, 200 times of the luminance of indoor fluorescent lamp.
It has 4 level adjustable luminance. Which means that you can dynamically optimize the light amount to reduce halo and then provide clear image, making this machine suitable for different working conditions.
It has full color monitor and light-blocking design so that you can watch the screen normally even under the sun.

Perfect control
It adopts a Hall electric joystick control system in which the probe can be free to turn 360°, and to bend ≥160°. It has excellent flexibility, so the operator can control the insertion tube freely to insert the end of it into a small and complex object for detection quickly and precisely.
It has the function of auto-lock and fixed-point fine-tuning. Which means that the probe can be locked automatically by keeping it in any bending state for 3 seconds.
Fixed-point memory function after being locked. When you operate the joystick after it is locked, the probe will make small adjustment taking the lock angle as axis. This makes the detection more precise and greatly reduces fatigue of workers caused by long-time operation.
It combines many functions together: photographing, video recording, luminance adjustment, lock and fine-tuning, screen lock and flipping.

Insertion tube
The insertion tube has a protective sleeve woven from four layers of tungsten wire. The high density tungsten wire improves the abrasive resistance and durability of the insertion tube. Which ensures that the insertion tube can carry out reliable detection to castings or other metal with rough surface.
The insertion tube meets IP67s as it is anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust-proof. So it can carry out reliable detection in various harsh environments.

Various machine type
It has optional lens: single, double, infrared and night vision lens optional pipe diameter: 4/6/7/8mm and optional machine length from 1~3m. You can choose the machine type according to your practical requirements to cover more applications.

Easy operation
It adopts Windows interface that all the menus are showed as readily comprehensible icon. Thus, the recognition of menus can be quick and easy so that you can use different functions effectively.
For functions such as photographing, video recording, luminance adjustment, locking and fine tuning, bending and rotation of insertion tubes, you can get quick access through the handle.

The HIE series handheld industrial videoscope is small, light, and portable
The joint of the insertion tube and main machine uses soft rubber as a cushion.
It has a structure of handle and binding band, so you can easily operate it with one hand.

Data sharing
USB, SD card with large capacity, TV out video output.

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