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Industrial Video Endoscope

The SIE series industrial video endoscope is equipped with an 8-inch industrial touch screen and records in 1 million Super High Definition. It is widely applicable in the following industries:
Auto industry: quality detection and assembly testing of the engine, hydraulic components, etc.
Machinery industry: detection of boiler, heat exchanger, mechanical equipment and manufacturing equipment
Petrochemical industry: detection of process pipelines, pressure vessels, pipes and other equipment
Space and aircraft industry: regular detection or aircraft detection of turbines, blades, combustors development and manufacturing of rocket engine
Railway and shipbuilding industry: detection of turbines, heaters, diesel engines, boiler flames, pipes.

Pixel: 1 million
Screen: 8-inch touch screen
Probe illuminance: 20000lux
Luminance: 5 grade
Pipe diameter: 4mm,6mm.

The SIE series industrial video endoscope has the following features:
1. Excellent image quality: It has an 8-inch industrial touch screen and 1 million Super High Definition to make sure that the tiny defects can be easily identified. It has international leading micro CMOS image sensing system, image micro-processing technology, lens with sapphire package, lens with high luminance (the luminance is up to 20,000 lux, 200 times of the luminance of indoor fluorescent lamp) LED package.
2. Perfect control: It adopts Hall electric joystick control system in which the probe is free to turn 360°, and to bend ≥160°. It has excellent flexibility and no dead end, so the operator can control the insertion tube freely to insert the end of it into a small and complex object for detection quickly and precisely by using the handheld controller.
3. Insertion tube: The insertion tube has a protective sleeve woven by four layers of tungsten wire. The high density tungsten wire improves the abrasive resistance and durability of the insertion tube. Which ensures that the insertion tube can carry out reliable detection to castings or other metal with rough surface.
4. Easy operation: It adopts Windows interface that all the menus are showed as readily comprehensible icon. Thus, the recognition of menus can be quick and easy so that you can use different functions effectively. For functions such as photographing, video recording, luminance adjustment, locking and fine tuning, bending and rotation of insertion tubes, you can get quick access through the handle.
5. Portability: The endoscope has small size, light weight and design of hand strap and strap to make it easy to carry.
6. Data sharing: It adopts USB, SD card with large capacity, VGA interface (able to be connected with external large screen display), making it convenient for many people to analyze together.

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