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Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Testing Instrument

The multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument is widely used for automatic or semi-automatic ultrasonic NDT of titanium pipe, zirconium pipe, seamless steel pipe, welded natural gas pipelines, non-ferrous, ferrous metal and some non-metallic pipe, rods, plates, railway rails etc.

Total gain: 0-110dB, stepping: 0.1dB
Number of channels: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16
Working mode: single probe transmitting and receiving or double probe transmitting and receiving respectively
Scanning mode: A, B, C scan display
Sensitivity margin: ≥65dB
Resolution: ≥36dB
Dynamic range: ≥42dB
Scan range (steel longitudinal wave): 0~9999mm
Frequency range: 0.5~20MHz
Repeat frequency: 100~8000Hz
Vertical linearity error: ≤3%
Horizontal linearity error: ≤1%.

Functions and features
1. Gate setting: there are three gates for each channel: alarm gate, tracking gate and self-locking gate
2. Delayed (marking) alarm: two circuits, delay time: 0.5~10s, stepping: 0.1s
3. Storage of flaw detection parameters and waveform: there is no restriction on the amount the parameters and the waveform can be conditionally set. There are some other functions such as waveform playback, wave communication, waveform printing
4. Detection report: automatically generated (WORD, TXT)
5. Storage of parameters: flaw detection state parameters, echo patterns, DAC curves and note information
6. Clock: internal, external CLOCK
7. Encoder: optional 50-1024 turn
8. Wave detection modes: forward, negative, bidirectional, RF
9. Peak memory: selectable echo peak memory display, while the background peak waveform is in different colors.

Advantages of digitization:
The COBE-UT21XX multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument adopts international advanced digital integration technology and ultrasonic technology.

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