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Phased Array Ultrasonic Tester

The PA100 Wiscan phased array ultrasonic tester features highly adaptive capacity so that it can be used to detect complex workpieces such as the blade root of turbine blades. For conventional ultrasonic testing, the probe's acoustic seam is single angled, thus, there is a large blind spot making the occurring of missed detection. When it comes to the phased array ultrasonic testing unit, the detection will be visualized. Thus, this tester utilizes its superior detection ability in industries such as aerospace, medical, shipbuilding, railway, petroleum, and steel projects.

Resolution of the monitor: 800*600, 10.4 inches TFT-LCD
Size: 325mm*230mm*130mm
Transmit / receive: 32/128 units
Range: 9900μs
Sound speed: 635-15240m/s
Detection mode: PE/PC
Pulse voltage: 50V/100V
Pulse mode: negative square wave
Pulse width: 30-500ns
Pulse rise time: <8ns
PRF: 20KHz
Delay: 10μs/2.5ns
Damping: NA
Gain range: 0-80dB
Bandwidth: 0.5-15MHz
Input impedance: 200Ω
Input capacitance: 60pF
Receive delay: 10μs/2.5ns
Sampling rate: 100M
ADC resolution: 10bit
Maximum A scan length: 8192
Number of focal points: 1024
Focus type: depth, sonic path distance, projection plane, focal plane, automatic
Wave detection: FW/HW+/HW-/RF
Synchronization: start pulse or gate
Scanning type: linear scan/fan-shaped scan/static scan/depth scan
Display mode: A/B/C/S scan
Detection unit: mm, inch
DAC points: 16
TCG points: 16
Dynamic Range: 40dB
Maximum gain tilt: 20dB/μs
Gate threshold: A/B/I
Gate threshold value: 0-98%
Trigger mode of gate: peak valve, front edge
Data storage: pluggable memory unit
I/O interface: USB (3), Ethernet (10/100M), video output (DVI/VGA compatible), encoder supported
Power source: DC power supply, voltage: 15VDC 4A
Battery: lithium battery
Weight: 4.5Kg (without battery).

The PA100 phased array ultrasonic tester is a new generation of phased array tester independently developed by COBE. It is a universal phased array ultrasonic tester with high performance focusing on practicality and advancement. It adopts the latest hardware and software platform so that the computing speed and overall performance have been greatly improved. Meanwhile, the interface is user-friendly, and the operation is simple and convenient.

More Details
1. Hotkey buttons, universal buttons, so that the operation is simple and convenient.
2. Equipped with a 10.4 inch color TFT-LCD big screen with high luminance.
3. Two safe and environmentally friendly lithium batteries. Thus, the charging is fast and safe.
4. USB communication interface, RJ45, VGA, C5, BNC, LEMO probe interface.
5. The tester is designed by the combination of ergonomic operation and aerial work features.
6. Waterproof, shatterproof, dust-proof.

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