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Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The COBE-UTP0201 portable ultrasonic flaw detector is designed to meet the various requirements of customers when performing flaw detection of forgings, welds, steel structures, aircraft parts, and other industrial equipment.

Detection range: 0-9999mm, minimum display range 0.01mm
Working frequency: 0.5~20MHz, it can be divided into broadband and narrowband
Pulse repetition frequency: 10 levels adjustable
Gain adjustment dB: 0-110dB, stepping adjustment: 0.5/2/6/12
Detection modes: forward, negative, bidirectional, RF
Monitor gate: 2 independent testing gates
Echo evaluation: display of sonic path distance, horizontal distance, vertical distance, amplitude, dB difference
A type echo freeze: freeze the detection screen
Vertical linearity error: ≤3%
Horizontal linearity error: ≤0.1%
Sensitivity margin: ≥65dB 200mmФ2 flat-bottomed hole.

Functions and features
1. The COBE-UTP0201 portable ultrasonic flaw detector adopts an embedded computer system and ultra-large-scale field programmable integrated circuit. It has all the excellent performance of large ultrasonic instruments in one handheld unit.
2. It has a flaw detection sensitivity up to 62 dB to meet various needs for flaw detection. It has the following functions: automatic measurement index and automatic search of wave crest.
3. It is equipped with several flaw detection standard processes for our customers to choose from. The storage of the waveform and the corresponding parameters is up to more than 1000.
4. It can automatically generate DAC curves of which the sampling points are not restricted.
5. Compensation and modification functions.
6. Equipped with the latest color TFT LCD

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