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Portable Eddy Current Tester
    1. COBE Eddy Current TesterThe ETP0204D COBE eddy current tester is designed to perform the following important testing functions: conventional eddy current testing, magnetic memory testing, conductivity testing, and thickness inspection.
    1. Portable Weld Seam TesterThe portable weld seam tester is designed for the detection of defects with high precision and speed. After detection, the unit evaluates the defects
    1. Mini Eddy Current TesterThe mini eddy current tester was engineered by COBE to locate defects in metal components and generate a thorough report quickly. It is suitable for all eddy current testing applications.
    1. Metal Corrosion TesterThe metal corrosion tester is specially engineered to identify corrosion in various metal products, such as steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, metal sheet, etc
    1. Digital Eddy Current TesterThe digital eddy current tester is used for defect evaluation on metal products such as blades, wheel hubs, undercarriages, and other aircraft components

The portable eddy current tester provided by COBE detects surface defects of aircraft components, military products, and steel structures. Because of its light weight, it can be used for field inspection. The detection units are excellent tools to guarantee the safety and performance of metal products, which is especially important when considering the use in transportation.