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Multichannel Eddy Current Test Instrument
    1. Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Test InstrumentThe multi-frequency eddy current test instrument is produced with the most advanced digitial inspection technology, multi-frequency eddy current technology, remote field eddy current technology, and microprocessor technology to detect any internal and external wall defects in metal pipe components.
    1. Digital Eddy Current Test InstrumentThe COBE-ETG3XF digital eddy current test instrument adopts a large scale integrated circuit, combining the most advanced eddy current technology, optoelectronic technology and microprocessor control.
    1. Metal Analysis and Testing InstrumentThe metal analysis and testing instrument is used to identify and sort various metals of different textures and hardness. It is used to test titanium, zirconium, seamless steel, non-ferrous, and ferrous metal pipes along with metal plates and railway rails.