Digital Eddy Current Tester

The digital eddy current tester is used for defect evaluation on metal products such as blades, wheel hubs, undercarriages, and other aircraft components.
It carries out crack detection on the inner surfaces of aircraft rivets and screw bolt holes with or without fasteners.
The tester detects multilayered structures, aluminum skin, and fuselage-wing joints along with other aircraft parts.
The digital eddy current tester has an extremely powerful early diagnostic function to identify the stress concentration on metal structures.

Calibration curve: amplitude, phase, equivalent
Display mode: impedance, time base, Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates
Scanning speed: 1-100grades
Center coordinates: X, Y adjustable
Digital filtering: high-pass frequency (0Hz ~ 2000Hz), low-pass frequency (0Hz ~ 2000Hz)
Filter points: 0-1024
Broadband: 100Hz ~ 10MHz
A/D rate: 16bit 100M
Minimum sensitivity: 1mV
Real time average: 2 4 8 16 32
Auto-balance: digital electrical equilibrium.

Technical parameters of conductivity measurement:
Measurement range of conductivity: 0.5%IACS--110.0%IACS (0.28-64.0Ms/m)
Unit displayed: %IACS or MS/M
Resolution: 0.1%IACS
Lift-off effect: probe compensation 0.02”(500um)
Precision: ±1%IACS
Temperature compensation: there is a probe built-in sensor with automatic compensation function.
Data memory: it can store more than 10,000 testing data.
The results of conductivity measurement will be automatically corrected to values of 20℃.

Technical parameters of coating thickness measurement:
Base material: iron, non-ferrous material
Measurement range of conductivity: 0--1500μm (0--59.04mil)
Unit displayed: um or mil
Resolution: 1um
Precision: ±1um+1%(<50um) ±1um+2%(<100um) ±1um+3%(<500um)
Data memory: it can store more than 1,000 testing data.

The COBE-ETP024D digital eddy current tester adopts advanced DSP and FPGA fusion technology, so that the signal processing speed, detection speed and precision are optimized.
This digital eddy current tester is suitable for nearly all eddy current testing applications. It can effectively restrain any interfering signals. Besides the conventional digital dual frequency eddy current testing, it also has testing functions such as magnetic memory, conductivity and thickness measurement.
The operation of the digital eddy current tester quite automatic, thus, the operators can carry out the work immediately without long-term specialized training.

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