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Multichannel Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Instrument

The multichannel magnetic flux leakage testing instrument integrates digital electronic technology, electromagnetic technology, magnetic flux leakage technology and microprocessor technology so that it can detect defects of electromagnetic metal in real-time. More importantly, this product integrates the functions of magnetic flux leakage detection. Thus, the shortcoming of magnetic particle testing that it can only detect the surface and open type defects is solved. This tester reduces anthropogenic influence, simplifies detection technology and reduces testing cost by integrates magnetization and detection as well as using magnetic sensor to improve detection precision and reliability.

Applicable targets
The multichannel magnetic flux leakage testing instrument can be used for testing steel structures, billets, round steel, rods, steel pipe, weld seems, steel cables, etc. It can also be used to carry out flaw detection, analysis and evaluation of steel pipe and metal parts in industries such as nuclear industry, electric power industry, petrochemical industry, space industry and aircraft industry. Meanwhile, this instrument can perform corrosion detection on boiler pipes, petrochemical pipelines, pressure vessel pipes and oil storage equipment.

Detection channel: 16 (can be expanded to 64 channels)
Adjustable magnetization intensity: 1~8
Detection speed: 10--30M/min
Detection thickness (45# steel): 10--30mm
Maximum lift-off: 10mm
Gain range: 0~99dB continuously adjustable, stepping: 0.1dB
Adopting DSP digital filter: low-pass, high-pass (0Hz~2000Hz)
Several hardware alarm output
Large storage of various testing procedures and testing data
A-scan display B-scan display
Configuration analysis function
Unique unequal amplitude alarm domain
Unique data processing between channels(CH2-CH1, CH8+CH1 etc.)
Storage of various testing data and parameters
Real-time memory: 16 trace signal
Mode of magnetization: alternating current, direct current and mixing type.


Advantages of digitization
The multichannel magnetic flux leakage testing instrument adopts full digital system design. The system is equipped with professional eddy current analyzing software so that it has powerful data processing capabilities.
This instrument can be equipped with professional data analyzing software to perform metal magnetic memory testing for stress concentration of metal materials. It can evaluate the service time of the equipment and pre-diagnose metal materials. This can solve the detection problems that cannot be solved by conventional NDT methods.
This instrument can realize preliminary quantification of detects. Because the magnetic flux leakage signal is related to the shape of defects, the shape can be preliminarily judged by software analysis.

Advantages of automatic system
The multichannel magnetic flux leakage testing instrument provides a professional detection program to realize high precision and high speed automation.

It adopts non-contact testing to protect the target parts from being scratched and to prolong the life-span of the probes.

When testing pipes whose thickness is less than 30mm, this instrument can detect both the internal and external wall defects at the same time.

User favorite features:
The software is self-starting and the detection is one-button start.
The instrument can generate testing reports automatically.
The detection is quite reliable: it can eliminate anthropogenic influence in magnetic particle testing and penetration method by using computer to judge if there are defects or not.
Because of the efficient non-polluting automated testing, the testing is quite efficient.

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